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High Temp laminated Tooling Board

Model Number: REK FSF-350
Description: Ideal for mold work, all Reklein High Temp. Flat Stock is laminated with high temperature resins up to 450F. High Temp Flat Stock is constructed of 7500 style fiberglass and 1.5 oz. Matting of 100% 7500 fiberglass. A special peel-ply material is factory applied to the flat stock to provide protection during shipment and to aid in the bonding process. Peel-ply material must be removed prior to use.
Uses: Support Structures Egg Crating Stiffening Ribs Check Gauges Drill Fixtures
Surface: Peel Ply
Sizes: 4'x8' Standard 4'x12' Standard Other sizes available upon request
Thickness: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Other sizes upon request

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