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Lightweight Fiberglass Tooling Board

Model Number: REK-200J
Description: Reklein Plastics has just introduced a new tooling product to the market for use as lightweight set-up boards on benchtop assembly jigs. The product is composed of two fiberglass face sheets with a core of lightweight, medium density form. REK-200J is produced in sheet form. One side is molded flat with a white surface and the back side is covered with protective peel ply. It is intended to replace aluminum jig plate in applications where reduced weight is feasible. Its lower coast and reduced weight offer major savings in both material and labor. Preliminary testing has show REK-200J sheetstock to hold tapped threads, press-fit bushings, inserts, drilled pin holes and reamed pin holes.
Uses: Lightweight set-up boards on benchtop assembly jibs
Sizes: 4" x 8" standard Other sizes available upon request
Thickness: 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" Other sizes available upon request

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