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16 Ply Triple Core 180

Subtitle: For heavy-duty, low-temperature applications.
Model Number: REK HCL-16
Description: Constructed much like our Double Core Panel and also designed for 180F maximum working temperatures, the Triple Core contains four 4-ply skins of 10-ounce 7500 fiberglass with two pieces of Honeycomb sandwiching. A total of 16 plies are pressed together for high peel strength. Peel ply surface for easy bonding. Meets Boeing MMS 101 specifications.
Uses: Egg crate stiffening Support structures Bonding jigs Drill fixtures Check gauges
Sizes: 4'x8' Standard 4'x12' Standard Other sizes available upon request
Thickness: 1", 1.5", 2", 3", 4"

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