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Master Sheet Wax HT-260

Model Number: REK 260-SW
Description: For use with casting and laminating resins that either require or give off heat during . This sheet wax is a scientific blend of materials that provides a flexible sheet which melts at temperature in excess of 260F. HT-260 Sheet Wax can be used as a ]material thickness in the forming of dies. In addition, its high temperature stability permits lamination a hollow core in plastic. After the plastic has been cast around the wax and cured, the wax can be readily melted from the part. HT-260 Was is ideal for increasing pattern size to provide stock for machining. It is recommended whenever and extra margin of flexibility or temperature stability is needed. Both regular and HT-260 sheet wax are available in a variety of sheet sized from 8" x 12" x 24" in thicknesses from 1/64" to 3/8".

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