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Industrial Tooling Products & Supplies


Reklein Plastics and Resin Services have been suppliers to our company for over twenty-five (25) years. I personally have been with Models & Tools for twenty-one (21) years, and in that time I have worked closely with Reklein and Resin in many programs, both automotive and aerospace. Both companies have been a tremendous help to us in providing quality products such as Tooling Board, Fiberglass, Graphite board and Clothís, High Temp, Pre-Preg and Pre-Cat systems, Resins, and many other products at a competitive price with on-time highly respected composite tooling producers in the nation.

With that said though, probably the most glowing testimonial to these two companies is the support they provide. This support comes in many forms and starts at the top. The owner, Mr. Rico Valente, is a hands-on owner that takes great pride in his companies. There have been many times when we got involved in programs that our own employees were not well versed in the required processed. In these situations Mr. Valente himself or his employees have come to our facility and not only provided the necessary training to us, but also got into the project themselves and worked side by side with our employee at no extra cost. This kind of support and dedication to the customers needs is rare, but both Reklein and Resin look at is as just doing their job.

All of this is why I have and will continue to recommend Reklein Plastics and Resins Services to anyone that asks me where to purchase any form of composite material. Even if they donít have specific material you are looking for, they will either help you find it or provide you with options that enable you make a more intelligent decision.
Philip J. Neale - President Models & Tools, Inc.